Best Ever Complete Tie-Down

Best Ever Complete Tie-Down

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Headset Tiedown Strap

This adjustable headset & leather tie-down strap from Best Ever Pads is made from quality rope and leather. The adjustable head setter puts pressure on the bridge of the nose first and then puts pressure on the pole. This combination of pressure points really helps to keep the horses head in proper position.

Many trainers use this piece of equipment to teach their horse good head position while stopping, rolling back, working cattle etc.

When used properly, it encourages the horse to work with a low head and level top-line.

Noseband is made of 1/4″ Double Braid Polyester. A double braid rope refers to a braided rope cover over a braided rope core. Basically, it is a rope over another rope. These ropes are flexible and easy to handle.