Branding Day Wire Cut Soap

Branding Day Wire Cut Soap

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Basically I made this for after branding day. You know for when your nerves are fried, you've said words to your spouse you invented and you have dirt in every corner of your soul. Branding Day is here to make you human again... 

What does it smell like?

Campfire + Mint + Eucalyptus 

What makes it special?

Our soap  is made with full fat, no water added fresh Goats Milk. Sourced from a quaint local goat farm here in the Magic Valley and carefully mixed into each batch. Great for all skin types and very soothing!
Lather Type:
Creamy with the perfect amount of bubble.
How to use:
Run under warm water and work into a lather. Use as an all over body or hand soap. For the longest life, be sure to keep your bar soap dry and well ventilated when not in use. Soap dishes are a bars best friend!