The Lolli

The Lolli

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Size Chiquita

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The Twiggy size is approximately 34” along the spine and approximately 40” around the barrel, and usually fits best over most under pads used in the cow horse industry. This is the most common size.  This size usually covers the under pad completely with very little hang off on ether front or rear of under pad.  With some thicker under pads, occasionally you can see the pad slightly.

The Chiquita

The Chiquita size is approximately 32” along the spine and approximately 38” around the barrel  This is the size chosen by most barrel racers as their saddles often have smaller skirts. It’s also a favorite for horses with slightly shorter backs. It’s important to keep in mind the size if the underpad your choosing to use. Horses with shorter backs also may require a shorter underpad as well.