The Patterson

The Patterson

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Size Twiggy

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The Twiggy:

The Twiggy size is approximately 34”not to exceed 35" along the spine and approximately 40” not to exceed 41" around the barrel, this is the only size that will completely cover The Diamond Wool Contour Comfort Cutter. This is the most common size to ensure complete coverage over any underpad.  The Twiggy size is comparable to "The Oversize" in flat blankets as far as dimensions, but coves more ground as flat blanket get scrunched down when a saddle is apply and actually shrink the coverage length.  Thus under saddle, a contour blanket will appear long than an oversize flat blanket.


The Chiquita:

The Chiquita size is at least 32” and not to exceed 33" along the spine and at least 38”and not to exceed 39" around the barrel  This is the size chosen with a shorted backed horse.  This size covers most underpads failry well.  You will like likely see a hint of your underpad with thicker very contour underpads.  However, you can still trust the clean fit under your saddle on a contour show blanket can provide.


Caring for your Cuttinup.....

The best thing you can do for your blanket is to scotchgard it before using. As there is no completely safe way to wash them, some colors may bleed when water is run over them. Sweat rarely causes this but large amounts of water can. This happens with all show blankets, some companies just won't admit it. All blankets ship out from us in a protective plastic bag that can be used for years. We recommend storing the blanket in that bag when not in use.