Kroop’s Sunglasses

3% For Horses

With a heritage founded on the racetrack, we owe our very existence to the horses we’ve ridden on the backs of to the most prestigious titles in horse racing. We owe these horses everything, and that’s why we’re committed to giving back to them. We pledge to give 3% of our profits to organizations that support the welfare of horses. One testament to this pledge is our partnership with the EQUUS Foundation, an organization whose sole purpose is the welfare of horses.

Trails For Tomorrow

The United States Department of Agriculture estimates that 6,000 acres of the country’s open land are lost every day due to the increasing demand for urban and suburban development. If this trend continues, the resources we need for our horses could be gone in as little as 15 years, which is why Kroops is starting Trails For Tomorrow, a resource for those looking to partner with their local conservation organizations to see how they can help keep our lands open and maintained for all to enjoy. If you are interested in getting involved and helping us please contact us.